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Writing articles online jobs philippines recruitment

After a career in Human Resources, she set up The Writing Well at the beginning of to combine two of her passions — writing and her son! The Writing Well offers English language writing, editing and proof reading services and allows her to work from home so she can more easily balance her career and motherhood.

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Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions It is the very first work from home job I ever held.
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Amanda has a wide variety of articles published in expatriate media, specialise in issues facing people living abroad, particularly career related and culture differences and provide information and advice to readers through her blog A Letter From the Netherlands.

What are the main differences between a C. V for international employment? If you are applying for overseas jobs, it is important to consider the local culture and conventions in the foreign country when you are compiling your C.

International employers will also be looking for qualities and skills that employers in your native country may not require — foreign languages, diversity and culture awareness, experience in multicultural environments, knowledge of local markets and customs.

It is worth remembering that the mother tongue of the recruitment team may not be English so keep the language simple. It seems like a little thing but remember to include international dialling codes for telephone contact details and country details for places of employment or education.

You might know that Bradford University is in England, but your potential employer in California may not. Some people are applying for overseas jobs through their own country with their own country employer, however others apply to overseas jobs at overseas countries.

Does this affect the way the C. If you are applying for a job internally, within the same company but for a department abroad, then your C. There will be much more jargon and company-speak in an internal C. The emphasis is less on how you fit with the company, and much more on how the posted job is a fit to you, though you will still need to show that you are suited to an assignment abroad.

You are starting from scratch with an external company so need to show why you fit into their organisational culture and workforce.

Then you need to convince the recruiters that you can also do the job! Many People use a default C. V when applying for local jobs. Should they do the same for overseas jobs, or is it important to tailor the C.

V to the specific requirements of the overseas company?

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I would never recommend using a default C. Always tailor your C. Ensure that the details you give are relevant to the skill set, experience and education required for the position as stated on the job description. Research on the company before you send in your C.

When you are putting your C. What does the company website tell you? What kind of people are they looking for to work for them? What is the company mission?

writing articles online jobs philippines recruitment

How do you fit into that? What is unique about what you offer the company? When applying for overseas jobs how important are personal details as photo, nationality, and religion, and should they be included in the C.


This will be country specific and dependent on local discrimination laws. Some application forms may request generic ethnic information but more likely than not this kind of information should be left out, as it is not relevant to whether you can do the job on offer.

Nationality may become relevant later in the process with regard to visa and work permit procedures but should play no part in the initial selection process.

What about multicultural and multinational working experiences?Zoo Jobs is the vacancy section of Zoo News Digest. Vacancies are posted here with frequency. Keep checking back. Here are a few suggestions you will find useful, while looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners: 1) I have come across many foreigners/people who just land-up in Singapore for a very short time and without having any meetings/interviews.

Job sites are playing a most important role for job hunters. Most of the job seekers searching jobs in overseas countries for the professional working environment, high pay scale, advanced technology and more.

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CV for Overseas Jobs – An Interview with Amanda van Mulligen Amanda van Mulligen was born in England and moved to the Netherlands in to live with her Dutch partner.

Jobs in Singapore - Search Job Vacancies in Singapore - yunusemremert.com