Writing a charter for a steering committee

A governance structure is the framework for resolving issues and managing problems that arise during the project life cycle, and for considering recommendations on planning project deliverables. The Steering Committee is an element of the structure. In this article we will review what a governance structure means and what the Steering Committee is. The project governance structure is the project management framework that includes a number of committees and their roles with agreed responsibilities and decision-making rules.

Writing a charter for a steering committee

Steering Committee Roles and responsibilities The role of the Steering Committee is to provide oversight of the conduct of the two trials. This includes oversight of the practical aspects of the study as well as ensuring that the study continues to be run in a way which is both safe for the patients and provides appropriate safety and efficacy data to the sponsor and investigators.

In discharging its safety role, the Steering Committee will work in conjunction with the Data Monitoring Board that will also be established for the trials. Specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee include, but are not limited to, the following: The Steering Committee will have ultimate responsibility for the trials and will assume primacy over the Data Monitoring Committee or principal investigator.

The Steering Committee can prematurely terminate the trials. The sponsor and principal investigator will agree, in writing prior to the start of the study, to the charter of the Steering Committee.

A patient representative will be invited. The sponsor and the funder of eLung will need to approve the nomination of the Steering Committee. Membership consists of persons who have no financial, scientific, or other competing interests with the trials.

Three members including the Chairman or designee will constitute a quorum. The principal investigator and a representative of the financial funder of the trials may attend the meetings, but will have no voting status.

The Steering Committee may request that the principal investigator and the funder representative do not attend all or part of any meeting. Members will be reimbursed for any reasonable travel, accommodation or other costs e.

The purpose of the Women’s Leadership Initiative Steering Committee is to provide ongoing strategic direction for the initiative. The role of the Committee is to: Should be customized to each firm, below are examples of commonly used role descriptors. This sample risk committee charter is based on leading practices observed by Deloitte in the analysis of a variety of materials. It is important to note that the Risk Committee Resource Guide practices are drawn from Deloitte experiences and our understanding of practices currently being used. The Project Steering Committee is a decision-making body within the project governance structure that consists of top managers and decision makers who provide, review and monitor strategic direction and policy guidance to the project team and other stakeholders.

All potential members will have sight of the protocol and be invited to comment before agreeing to join the Steering Committee. If a potential member has major reservations about the trials they should report these to the principal investigator and sponsor and may decide not to accept the invitation to join.

Steering Committee members should be independent and constructively critical of the ongoing trials, but also supportive of aims and methods of the trial.

There will be no formal contract between Steering Committee members and the sponsor. Committee process The Steering Committee will meet prior to the start of the study and 6—12 months after the start of the study.

The Steering Committee may also meet on an ad hoc basis should the need arise. Meetings may take place by teleconference, by videoconference, or face to face, whichever is agreed to be most appropriate. Urgent issues may be communicated by e-mail by the principal investigator to the Steering Committee, where appropriate.

There will be no formal legal contract between members and the sponsor. Minutes A set of minutes drafted by a member of the research team will be produced for each meeting of the Steering Committee. These will be circulated in draft form to all members within 1 week of the meeting date. Members then have up to 2 weeks in which to provide comments or amendments, after which the minutes will be considered to be final.

A copy of the final minutes will be filed in the trial master file. Confidentiality All materials, discussions and proceedings of the Steering Committee are completely confidential.

Members and other participants of the Steering Committee meetings are expected to maintain confidentiality. Specific responsibilities of the Data Monitoring Committee include, but are not limited to, the following: The Data Monitoring Committee can recommend modifications to the data management and monitoring procedures in the trials or to the protocol.

Every effort will be made to reach a consensus within the Data Monitoring Committee and with the principal investigator.

In case of disagreement on recommended modifications, the Steering Committee will decide. The sponsor and principal investigator will agree, in writing prior to the start of the study, to the charter of the Data Monitoring Committee.

Membership The Data Monitoring Committee will consist of three members.We created the Steering Committee Charter template to set the direction, schedule, and ground rules for your committee. This Microsoft Word document serves as a standard format that will assist you in creating your own steering committee charter.

Type this statement beneath the title of your charter. List the activities of the committee. To determine a committee's activities, ask yourself how committee members will work together to fulfill the objectives of the committee as a whole.

Write a section labeled "membership" beneath the activities list. Advisory Committee Charter Charter for Cyber Information Technology I. Purposes The Committee is created for the purpose of working with the Cyber Information.

Draft Governance Committee charter for subsequent year Review all Board Standing Committee and Board Support Committee charters for subsequent year Management authority over the Board Volunteer Appointment Committee (BVAC), in line with GovCom’s. Project steering committees provide the organizational means to make decisions and solve problems.

It takes only four steps to organize for committee success. Mar 26,  · the committee chair can request that the Executive Committee remove the member from the committee. The Steering Committee holds meetings as needed to plan for the full Committee meetings.

writing a charter for a steering committee


Project Governance Structure: the Steering Committee