Write a sentence with sight

I also stick these in write and wipe pockets and put them in our sight word centers. This way my kiddos can keep practicing throughout the week. On Tuesday, we practice using the word in a scrambled sentence. Then they make a silly sentence by scrambling the words again.

Write a sentence with sight

We are really working hard on sight words. I have been focusing on one sight word a week. This week our sight word was 'can'.

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After introducing the word 'can' and having everyone share a sentence about something that they can do, I had the students write the word 'can' on the bottom of a post-it. I then had them draw a picture of something that they 'can' do. We practiced writing our sight word: Trace, Write, Rainbow Write 'can'.

We painted our sight word by making paint dots with Q-tips! This was our first time painting on our own this year and I was one proud teacher! No messes and it was soooo quiet!! They were focused, engaged, and having fun! Each week I do a mini reader that focuses on our sight word of the week and previous sight words.

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Here are details on how I use the sight word books in my class each day of the week: I introduce the story by placing one sentence at a time. We discuss basic concepts of print and reading. We find words we know and discuss reading strategies to read each sentence of the story. Students echo read and choral read.

We highlight our sight word of the week with a colored piece. I actually just use colored paper dividers and cut them into pieces. We also echo read again on this day. They feel like the teacher doing this and get a kick out of it: We sit in a circle at the carpet and do a picture walk.

We then go over each page of the story together and choral read. I have students point to certain words on each page, we discuss reading strategies, find sight words, etc. I then let all the girls read the sight word book as the boys follow along and read 'in their brains' and vice versa.

I have students circle their sight word of the week with a marker. This is a big deal right now since we have not used markers very much.

We sure do love markers! We also get to read this book to ourselves and to a friend today! When they read to a friend I show them the correct way to help someone if they are having trouble reading a word.

It is absolutely adorable watching and hearing them help each other. They are so precious and kind! I have the student read to themselves on my whisper phones.

We also get to color our sight word book today and keep practicing as I walk around and have students read a few pages of their sight word book to me. This gives me a quick idea on how each student is reading.

I am able to jot down any notes that I need to during this time: We also get to take home our sight word book today! Click HERE or any of the pictures below: Writing Sentences with 'can' mini book: Click HERE or the pictures! This week we started to write small sentences using our sight word 'can'.Erica Made Designs, LLC Terms of Use All downloads on yunusemremert.com and its contents are copyright of Erica Made De-signs, LLC © Write a descriptive paragraph that appeals to three of the five senses (5 senses would be sight, sound, taste, smell, touch) Write a descriptive paragraph that appeals to three of the five senses.

Can you give example of sentence using word sight? Anyone who faints at the sight of blood should avoid a career in the medical field.

write a sentence with sight

As the prince watched Cinderella glide across the dance floor. On the last page, they copy the sentence starter and finish the sentence. These booklets will definitely help our students learn how to write a sentence, using the proper conventions, as well as, learn to read and write the most popular sight words.

sentence starters writing prompts free printouts worksheets kindergarten first grade building sentences fun practice for kids using pre primer sight words preschool. Next they will write the word to complete the sentence.

Finally they will make up their own sentence using their newly learned sight word! The repetition along with the variety of activities really helps students remember their sight words!

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