Wolfs blade essay

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Wolfs blade essay

Brawl can be broken down into situations, the first and foremost one is the neutral situation - Nothing is present, no one has the advantage or disadvantage Depending on the matchup. In this particular situation, your playstyle is determined by how you approach.

In most cases it's safer not to approach but rather force the opponent to approach himself. Since Wolf can force almost every character to approach there's no logical reason not to do so. In fact, taking the initiative is not always a good thing as Wolfs blade essay often lead into an "un-neutral" situation, which isn't in Wolfs favour.

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This is typical for Brawl. Your not supposed to do the first step but you have to find a way to make your opponent do the first step and punish and outsmart him accordingly.

That's why mindgames are so important in Brawl. Doing the first step is almost always a bad choice in Brawl unfortunately. The good Wolf players often use Wolf's safe moves in order to approach Jab, Blaster, Fair, Bair and some do not, some have preference as to which of Wolf's safe moves they like to use more than others, this is the basis for playstyle, and since most of them are generally safe, it really doesn't matter.

Ironically, all the moves you mentioned are much better used as punishing moves rather than approaches with the exception of Blaster. It's main purpose is to force the opponent to approach.

All the other moves are terrific to punish opponents actions: The opponent can easily do the same though if you decide to approach with Wolf. The jabs are by no means safe, especially not to approach with. The best use for them are after an AC aerial in most cases Fair for shield pressure.

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Now for the good stuff, when you approach, you should not have ANY pre-conceived notion as to how you're going to approach, none whatsoever. You just rush in, stop at an appropriate distance, and then let loose with whatever fits the situation.

Wolfs blade essay

Wolf is more mobile in the air. He can evade lots of attacks and has better options. Wolfs best approaches are all based around his aerial mobility. And even then you shouldn't use it to get closer to the enemy but rather to make him come and use an attack you can punish.

Wolfs blade essay

For example, if the opponent likes to roll behind you, and you decide to FF Bair, that probably isn't the safest thing in the world, you probably could be punished for that. If the opponent rolls behind you he's asking you to punish him. A FF Bair is almost always safe.

Idk why you say that it "probably isn't the safest thing. If they like approaching with SH Aerials, usually a retreating Fair will get the job done quite well. It's not that easy. A good opponent may not even attack you but just fake an approach. So you will "accidentaly" perform an attack he can punish.

Just saying "He will do [A], so do " is not enough in Brawl. Those are just examples, obviously, but the point is: Adapt to the situation. If you go in with a pre-conceived plan of what you're going to do, then odds are you're going to followup with that plan, and sometimes it may work, sometimes it won't.

If you're using anything else but a safe approaching move, odds are you're either punishing, killing, or taking a calculated risk. Or you don't even approach but want the opponent to do something you can exploit?

Wolf is awesome at that. I don't know why I realised it so late I will explain closer below.

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I suppose this is where people copy the "pro's" playstyle, with the punishing moves that worked for the particular scenario that worked for that situation, then they apply it to all other situations, which basically reduced its effectiveness, and makes people predictable.

If you go to tournaments yourself you will become aware of this bad habit very quickly. I can only recommend it.

Most players did this at a certain stage of their career.


I'm actually getting rid of it atm The entire concept of the "playing intuitively" is simply going into a match with the knowledge of the attributes of Wolf's moves, that's it, no strategy involved, your strategy, or "playstyle" should change based on the person you're playing.

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