The soloist nathaniel anthony ayers music career

Ayers studied at Juilliard before developing schizophrenia and spending decades on the streets. The book is an inspiring story of music and friendship, as well as a compelling examination of homelessness, mental illness, public policy, and race in America.

The soloist nathaniel anthony ayers music career

Today, his life is about film and book projects by Louise Lee In some ways, Nathaniel Ayers at age 57 is a typical adult beginner on the violin. Taking his first lesson just this March, he spent the session working on proper posture, including holding the fiddle, and playing a few scales.

Ayers practices exercises and drills, working toward playing simple melodies. But there the similarities with the garden-variety novice end. And media have taken to his story in a big way. Ayers first came to public attention in Los Angeles in after Los Angeles Times writer Steve Lopez overheard Ayers playing violin on a busy downtown LA street and made him the subject of a series of newspaper columns.

Earlier this year, Lopez published The Soloist: The book itself was the focus of a feature article in the New Yorker magazine.

The soloist nathaniel anthony ayers music career

The movie, directed by British filmmaker Joe Wright Atonement, Pride and Prejudicepromises to be a feel-good story of a talented musician struck by mental illness in the same vein as Shine, the Oscar-winning film about pianist David Helfgott.

But several years later, while on scholarship at Juilliard to study with the late Homer Mensch, Ayers started showing symptoms of schizophrenia. Dropping out, Ayers bounced to Ohio, Colorado, and eventually Los Angeles, sometimes calling his former teacher collect to talk about music and bass repertoire, Barnoff says.

Clearly there was some training there. Then, Gupta recalls, Ayers asked him to play, and Gupta obliged, running through the opening of the Beethoven concerto and some of the slow movement of the Brahms.

Music, though, is therapeutic for Ayers.Nathaniel Ayers has not seen "The Soloist," the biographical film that depicts his life as a musical genius living on Los Angeles' skid row.

But he has listened to it. It's hard for Ayers, a. I just happened to run across this on YouTube, which of course is a clip from the film about my brother, The Soloist.

The soloist nathaniel anthony ayers music career

It seems as though every time I see the movie or a scene from it, I see something different. As it turned out, the man, Nathaniel Ayers, had been trained in classical music at Juilliard.

Nathaniel Ayers

As an indication of Ayers' talent, note that he attended Juilliard on a full scholarship from - , when black students were extremely rare - almost nonexistent - especially ones from lower-middle-class, single-parent yunusemremert.coms: The Soloist — an upcoming film starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.

— tells the story of a street musician, who is also a schizophrenic savant, named Nathaniel Anthony Ayers. The Soloist tells the story of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, a real-life musician who trained at the Juilliard School in New York before ending up homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.

But the movie. Steve Lopez, the author and narrator of The Soloist: A Lost Dream, An Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music, acknowledges that while he is fascinated by the homeless musician named Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, "weeks go by and I get distracted by other things, shoveling whatever I can find onto that empty space on the page" (2).

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