The advantages and disadvantages of operating systems information technology essay

His recent work has concentrated on the operation of apprenticeship systems, and the measurement and assessment of skill mismatches in the UK and in the EU.

The advantages and disadvantages of operating systems information technology essay

In ancient times, co-education existed in Sparta in Greece. There was no discrimination between boys and girls. They studied and played together.

Along with academic education, physical training was also given to both the sexes. Plato ,the Greek philosopher, believed that co-education helped in the development of personality of both men and women and created a feeling of comradeship among them.

In the west, the importance of co-education has been felt since ancient times. In early Vedic Society, co-education was prevalent in a few places. But gradually female education began to be ignored. Moreover, the system of education was quite different from that of today.

The boys stayed in Gurukuls, for whole educational period. There they received both academic education and physical training. The former included the study of the scriptures and the latter, training in warfare. Girls were not sent to the Gurukuls, and thus were deprived of the benefits of education.

The advantages and disadvantages of operating systems information technology essay

In medieval India, those belonging to lower castes and the women folk were not allowed to attend schools or study the scriptures. Raja Rammohan Roy, a great social reformer and scholar, fought against this practice and succeeded in his mission. His job was further carried on by other social reformers.

Today co-education is prevalent in almost all the countries of the world. In India, there are a number of co-educational schools, colleges and universities. There are a number of advantages in the co-educational system of education.

Poor countries cannot afford to open separate schools for boys and girls are taught together in the same school, then there is no need open separate schools for them. Thus the cost to be incurred on building infrastructure furniture, stationery, personnel recruitment, etc.

There is a shortage of good trained teachers in developing countries like India. Thus co-education is beneficial for both boys and girls and the nations a whole. Co-education helps the boys and girls to intermingle and understanding each other well. They become more broad minded and tolerant towards the opposite gender.

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FOSS, or FLOSS)? Look at the Numbers!

They interact freely with one another and there by overcome hesitation and shyness. Thus co-education leads to a healthy and harmonious relationship between boys and girls. In a co-educational school, boys are free to meet and talk with girls.

They develop a feeling of friendship among themselves. Hencethese boys usually do not indulge in eve-testing. Co-education contributes to the balanced development of the personality of boys and girls.

A study has revealed that the co-educational schools are better because the presence of girls in classes restrains boys from indulging in unruly behavior and improves their academic performance. In facts, a higher percentage of girls not only lowers the amount of classroom disruption but also fosters a better relationship between students and their teachers.

The researchers for and that classes with more than 55 percent of girls resulted in better examination results and less violent outbursts overall. They conclude that this effect is due to the positive influence the girls have on the classroom environment.

In fact the study found that primary school classrooms with a female majority showed increased academic success for both boys and girls. In the middle and high schools, the classrooms which had the best academic achievements overall were consistently those that had a higher proportion of girls enrolled.

The researchers suggest that boys and girls may learn differently, but it is better not to send them to sex segregated schools. Boys become conscious of their dressing habits, behavior and the style of communication in the company of girls.

They dress properly, behave well and talking a decent language. Girls, similarly, overcome their shyness, behave well with boys and understand them better. Co-education generates a spirit of healthy competition among boys and girl.

Importance of Information Technology

They work hard to remain ahead of one another. Co-education reduces gender bias in the society.Jun 29,  · There are advantages and disadvantages to a competitive workplace that managers should consider. Foster what builds the team and work to . Essay on “Co-education” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel, which is injected into the combustion chamber, is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to the mechanical compression (adiabatic compression).Diesel engines work by compressing only the air.

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The advantages and disadvantages of operating systems information technology essay

This article is the complete set of all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones essay for students in points. from one device to another but in IOS operating system have little.

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