Sagging trousers and hip hop artists

Say It Isn't So? Being a guy in college I would say that I somewhat follow the trends that happen to be out. Although I don't follow them to a great extent, I do know what's "in" and what's not.

Sagging trousers and hip hop artists

Share So what do you think of men wearing their pants below their hips? Must we really see the patterns of and holes in their underpants? Sagging, as it is called, began in the United States and is said to be a throw over from prison, where the trousers issued are loose and baggy and belts, like in every other prison in the world, are prohibited to keep prisoners from using them as weapons or to hang themselves.

While it has been claimed that in prison, sagging connoted a sexual invitation or availability and this is still debated today, it has also been dismissed as an urban legend.

In the US a number of states attempted to outlaw the style using the legislature and seeking to have fines imposed on those who wear sagging pants in public, however most of the bills have failed.

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Nevertheless, schools have used various methods of keeping it out. Sagging pants is an issue in Guyana, of course. Young men wear sagging pants to parties — wherever they have the opportunity.

Some who work in the more informal industry — for instance as minibus conductors or vendors let it all hang loose.

All schools in this country have uniforms and are particularly strict on how students dress. And regardless of how much the North American culture has seeped in parents still have great control over how their children dress, especially since they, for the most part, still live with their parents.

Sagging trousers and hip hop artists

On the other hand, everyone tries and wants to look their best. In a mini poll, some young people said saggy pants are disgusting and classless.

Yet others argued that the style dares to defy social norms. Of course, fashion is subjective and people really should wear what makes them comfortable.


But are pants that make you look like toddlers who have pooped in their diapers comfortable? Can it really be comfortable to wear pants that you have to keep hitching up after every five steps? And then there are guys who apparently dress in the dark and whose sagging pants reveal grimy or holey boxers and briefs.

Sagging (fashion)

I mean come on! I dare you to walk into an office with that style. What do you think? Share your views; make a point; log on to www.Hip-Hop Fashion was derived from the clothing of street dancers like break dancers.

Baseball caps, oversized clothes, sagging pants, and clothing related to sports are associated with hip-hop fashion.

Sagging (fashion) - Wikipedia

With the evolution of hip-hop and urban culture over the past 30 years, there have been so many arguments about the origin of sagging pants. Of course, most people have probably heard that “the word “‘saggin’ spelled backward spells niggas” and all types of other things. Hip Hop Style | More Than Baggy Pants and Bling Bling This is a guest post from Alden Tan – He knows a lot more about Hip Hop Style than me and I really liked his unique perspective on men’s style!

It is alleged that the hip hop dress code is associated with the artists who had once served time in the American penitentiaries and had been subjected to obscene acts . “It’s up to the person who’s wearing the pants,” he said.

Mr. Marshall’s sagging pants, a style popularized in the early s by hip-hop artists, are becoming a criminal offense in a growing number of communities, including his own.

First, according to Wikipedia, "Sagging" is a manner of wearing trousers (slacks, shorts, pants or jeans) below the waist, sometimes revealing much of the underwear.

Sagging is predominantly a male fashion. The style was later popularized by hip-hop artists in the s Hip-Hop today, pant sagging and obnoxious lyrics are seriously.

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