Reaction paper about walk tour in intramuros

Various products made from wood, shells and other native materials are available along with antiques, artifacts and other Filipino artworks. The gallery in the fourth floor, which features artworks by Filipino artists, is truly a must see. I bought myself a pair of wooden chopsticks! The galleries are also very interesting to look at.

Reaction paper about walk tour in intramuros

Most reactions to a sting are mild to moderate and do not involve a severe allergy. Severe allergic sting reactions are treated with epinephrine adrenalineeither self-injected or by a doctor. However, some symptoms that develop after a bee sting signal a severe allergic reaction and need urgent medical attention.

Without treatment, anaphylactic shock may occur very quickly. This can be fatal.

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Symptoms that may signal anaphylaxis include: Individuals who have experienced an allergic reaction to a sting in the past are more likely to have a reaction in the future. They may carry a "bee sting kit" that contains an Epi-pen, an epinephrine shot.

This shot relaxes blood vessels and muscles, helping the body to deal with the response while medical help is called. Sometimes a sting can become infected. Consult a doctor if the area affected shows a pus discharge, or if there is an increase in the normal pain, swelling, and redness that was produced by the initial sting.

Treatment Most bee stings can be treated without medical attention, but some products may help manage the discomfort.

Aspirin or acetaminophen can relieve pain. Sprays or creams that contain anesthetic reduce the risk of infection. Antihistamine creams or oral antihistamines can help control swelling. These products are available online, including oral antihistamines and antihistamine cream.

There are a number of different brands to choose from. These are also available over-the-counter OTC from a pharmacy, or they may be prescribed by a doctor.

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If the local reaction is large, for example, with severe local swelling, oral corticosteroids may be prescribed for 3 to 5 days. Someone who knows they are allergic to stings may carry an epinephrine injector.

Reaction paper about walk tour in intramuros

A bystander can help the person administer this injection, if needed. Home remedies First aid for someone who has been stung by a bee or wasp includes a number of dos and don'ts.

When a honey bee stings a person, the barbed stinger is not pulled back out from the wound.Dec 27,  · Luneta Park and Intramuros, Manila Rediscovering the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines! For everyone, December 24 is a busy day of preparation for Christmas Eve, but I and my friend, Lea, decided to spend it outdoor, strolling around the historical landmarks in Manila: D.

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The 16th-century Fort Santiago is an ideal place for a quiet picnic or a scenic walk. The site's extensive military history and impressive architecture make it an absolute must for visitors to Manila, so a visit is typically included in half- and full-day city tours.

Manila Old and New: Sightseeing Tour Including Intramuros and Fort Santiago.4/5(24). Nikon's Sendai factory in the Tōhoku region North of Japan has been churning out cameras and lenses since We had the opportunity recently to visit Sendai during events to . Reaction About Intramuros A SHORT HISTORY AND GUIDE TO INTRAMUROS Written and compiled by Esperanza Bunag Gatbonton The Cuidad Morada or .

Reaction paper about walk tour in intramuros

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From F to Z: we tour Nikon's Sendai factory: Digital Photography Review