Osaka kyoto nightly business report

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Osaka kyoto nightly business report

Tujia targets realty in Japan, vies with leader Airbnb Updated: The Beijing-based startup aims to increase the number of properties available for holiday rental to aboutby from 10, now, Tomoko Suzuki, chief executive officer of the Japanese unit, said in an interview in Tokyo.

About half of the listings are owned by Chinese investors, she said, adding that Tujia may buy lodgings of its own in the future. Japan's home-sharing market is rapidly expanding after the government cleared regulatory hurdles earlier this year and as record tourist arrivals put a strain on the hotel industry.

Chinese are bucking tighter capital controls at home to invest in real estate around the world, and Suzuki said Japan's relatively low land prices will give them an incentive to purchase properties that Tujia can add to its listings. Some investors own as many as rooms, sometimes whole apartment buildings, and they lease to local tenants as well as tourists through the Tujia platform, she said.

Visitors to Japan rose 18 percent to The country hosted more thanChinese in August alone--the most ever for a single month. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government is seeking to attract 40 million arrivals in around Tokyo Olympics.

The firm arranges more than 56, stays a day on a group basis, she said, declining to comment on how many of those are in Japan. The service, which is available only in Chinese, is in seven Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Tujia has been raising funds for its expansion. In Japan, the company employs eight people, a number Suzuki expects to roughly double by It is seeking to increase the number of listings there tobyshe said.

By comparison, San Francisco-based Airbnb has about 55, listings in Japan, its most popular destination in the Asia-Pacific region. Airbnb doesn't own the properties.

Japan passed a bill in June that removed the uncertainty over whether renting out a property for short periods was legal. The legislation, which limits stays to nights a year and requires providers to register with local governments, will take effect next year.

Tujia has gained momentum in the domestic market, with transaction volumes growing over percent year-over-year. Internationally, especially in Asia, Tujia has grown fivefold this year in terms of transaction volumes. On the eve of the National Holiday "Golden Week", the company released its "Tujia Mansion" product, which received unprecedented positive response and saw transaction volumes during the Golden Week exceed the previous year's by percent, it said.Jun 25,  · Best Answer: I'm 13, and I went to Japan in february.

A long time ago, most homes were like the one you decribe, but I stayed with a host family, and their home was quite different. Most homes in Japan are quite modern, and home styles vary Resolved.

osaka kyoto nightly business report

The magnitude earthquake struck Osaka, Japan’s second biggest metropolis as people were on their way to work. An elderly man and a young girl were killed, with several other people also in “cardiopulmonary arrest”, after walls collapsed in a magnitude earthquake that hit Osaka in western Japan on Monday, public broadcaster NHK said.

IDRO Japan, set up by Rob Mangold and his friends, has regularly sent up relief trips since the disaster happened, but key members having both business and families here, it remains based in Kyoto.

TripAdvisor ®, the world’s largest travel site, today revealed its Summer Vacation Value Report highlighting the top 10 overseas destinations for Taiwanese travelers this summer 1 based on the greatest increase in seasonal hotel booking interest from spring to summer While the likes of Hong Kong, Osaka, and Kyoto continue to be the overall most searched-for destinations for.

Broadcast Schedules. David Wells travels to Kyoto, Gifu and Osaka to discover the roots of Oribe ware. Nightly Business Report # program information. pm. . Nov 01,  · Trains between Kyoto and Osaka are plentiful and fast. You can get from Osaka to Kyoto in as little as 15 minutes on the shinkansen, and a few minutes more on the express trains.

osaka kyoto nightly business report

It all depends on your level of comfort in spending some time on the train.

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