Omo washing powder research

It is the act of communicating with the consumers, to inform the public about the existence of a manufactured product for sale. Advertising attracts the attention of the consuming public.

Omo washing powder research

Omo washing powder research

Forthe brand turned to mobile and offered rewards for product use. Monthly customized direct messages were sent via mobile to remind consumers to purchase the product in order to receive increased rewards and the chance to win instant coupons and the ultimate prize of an education scholarship.


Strategy Objective and Context: The iconic brand has stood the test of time, and has worked hard to keep its leadership position against challenger brands in the market. OMO has built on its successes year after year through a mobile platform, allowing the brand to offer entry into promotions while developing a database of profiled consumers across South Africa.

In its fourth year, the aim of the OMO campaign was to continue driving market share for its flagship product, the OMO two-kilogram pack. In addition, the brand was looking to: OMO has been a staple in many households across generations, and with key competitors entering the market in the past few years, the brand felt it was imperative to reward loyal consumers for their purchases.

Consumers needed to believe they were purchasing a product that offered them superior stain removal credentials as well as value for the money. Therefore, OMO developed a campaign which offered consumers a chance to win a scholarship for their child on first purchase and tiered guaranteed rewards for every subsequent purchase.

Customized direct messages DMs were sent out to consumers based on the information gleaned during profiling and implicit entry behavior. These messages were sent out to drive awareness, loyalty, and conversion to a new detergent pack to relevant consumers, providing targeted communication through a medium with wide reach.

Execution Overall Campaign Execution: Direct SMSs were sent to remind consumers to purchase the product at the end of each month in order to receive greater rewards. These messages kept the brand top of mind at peak purchase points and encouraged loyalty.

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Consumers who purchased OMO Multiactive were sent reminder messages to re-enter the campaign via the Touch of Comfort product line and to qualify for extra rewards. Other messages were sent to consumers in specific regions to elicit targeted responses during periods when competitor activity was fierce.

Consumers purchased packs, dialed the IVR string for free, answered a few easy profiling questions, and were sent their relevant rewards messages.

Each time consumers purchased a pack and entered the system, they were asked subsequent profiling questions in order to build a deeper understanding of their behavior and purchase patterns over time. They were opted in for further communication at the very beginning, so the brand could continue to engage with them through direct communication during the campaign and in the future.

As in previous years, OMO wanted a mobile solution which provided an entry and reward mechanism as well as a profiling tool to build a database.

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In South Africa, where mobile phone penetration continues to grow exponentially, engagement and communication through mobile proved to be very effective.

Consumers received targeted and relevant messaging directly to their phones, which allowed OMO to communicate on a large scale in a one-on-one way with consumers. Consumers also opted in to receive further communication from the brand. Entry into the promotion was free, and the first entry entered all consumers in a drawing to win an education scholarship.

Subsequent entries offered them instant guaranteed airtime, ranging from R2 to R12 increments, sent directly to their mobile phones. Results including context, evaluation, and market impact Overall, the campaign generated three million redemptions from more than one million unique consumers.Well, this isn't a Tide ad.

But, it is an extremely relevant one. For anyone familiar with the world of detergents, it's a category where every brand typically talks about how "my molecule is bigger than your molecule." Now OMO, a washing powder brand from Unilever, took on a distinct anti-category.

I finally caved in and forked over the $$$ to buy a large box of Omo Ultimate. It has a really nice fragrance and it washes clothes well, as you'd expect from an Omo product - but my usual powder is Surf (the one in the pink box) and Omo is literally more than double the price of Surf, which also has a nice fragrance and does a good job at washing.

Powder Laundry Detergents What did we test? This research set out to address some of those shortcomings. These data are not an endorsement of any product. Lanfax Labs OMO MATIC sensitive-P HERBON Laundry washing pdr-yes SELECT FL 2in1-P DYNAMO FL 4in1-P COLES MATIC advance-P.

Laundry detergent is a cleaning agent, either in the form of a liquid, powder or capsule that is added to your washing machine to clean your clothes, remove stains and leave them smelling fresh. Liquid, powder or capsule? Omo ultimate washing liquid is even better though, don't know where you plan to do your research and review but, you need to actually use the clothes was liquid powder or liquid in the washing machine as directed by the washing machine manufacturer and the laundry detergent which in this case is the omo range/5(22).

ID Contact Address City State Fields Zip Laguna Niguel Tehachapi CA Anaheim Orange Santa Maria Zipcode Milo IA Waverly. Sep 16,  · Very interested in the answer too. We live out in the scrub and regularly see snakes about the house. Browns, blacks, the occasional tiger and taipan. The OMO brand includes many styles of powdered laundry detergent, and each has a different ingredient list. The washing powders commonly include enzymes and surfactants, which actively break down stains and remove dirt, as well as building and bulking agents, product stabilizers, binders, dyes and.

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