Life in the trenches original writing essay

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Life in the trenches original writing essay

Icomment on Life in the trenches Its and the smell of fresh air around me the sunshine on my face, what could be better?

But something was just missing.

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As I travel down to the local butchers, in the corner of my eye I spotted the new news on the war. A war has started, because of many reasons such as the triple allliances, assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and jealousy of our navy. I carried on, but something remained on my mind, it was; what would my children think if I joined the army.

As I entered the butchers a pale lady came up to me and placed a white feather in my hands. I had to fight for MY country and make MY country proud. I strided to the local recruitment shelter thinking of positive things about joining. I signed up and went back home. Many men were chatting passing pictures around of their family but I sat there in the darkness and stared in to space thinking about my family back home.

Life in the trenches original writing essay

It was dark, blank, grim and gruesome. It was devastating, there was corpse and barbed wire and blood everywhere and it smelt so bad. We travelled over the barbed wire. It was hard but we done it. And then we were practically thrown down a deep ditch mostly known as a trench.

I was expecting floor or a hard surface to catch my landing but it was water up to my ankles and soggy mud. My socks were practically ruined, we had the night to settle down and find a sleeping area, I found a narrow type of ledge. It may be dangerous but it was dry.

I removed my shoes and took off my socks and threw them on the floor, then suddenly and mad scramble started beneath me. Fists flew, kicks landed, in the end a broad, tall man left without a scratch and with the socks.

Said a young skinny lad next to me. A few seconds of silence went passed I loaded my riffle. I was lucky I escaped with a cut face; Jimmy on the other hand, has a cut going from his chin to torso and has to spend 1 week in hospital. But after all of that there is something stirring inside of me and I finally realised that its betrayal.

I feel that all advertisements and the men that recruited me all lied.

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I shot to the dugout where there were 5 other men waiting. I was extremely lucky and happy but my heart went out to the families who of those that died. I got a letter today from my kids; they are actually turning out to be quite the artists.

They sent me two beautiful pictures and letters that brang a lump to my throat. May another shooting went on today, but no of our men were injured or dead, to celebrate me, jimmy and all the lads drank rum for once even our sergeant lightened up as well, it seems there is a Brightside to unhappiness.

Life in the trenches original writing essay

But just as we were enjoying life it absolutely poured down. We all got on higher surface and fell into a deep sleep. March Months on it never stopped raining.

The skin on my feet is peeling off in big chunks its disgusting. Jimmy got a letter off his pregnant girlfriend, well ex pregnant girlfriend he knew this letter was to say his baby girl was born.

Life and Suffering in the Trenches Essay Words | 11 Pages. fracture the enemies lines and were forced to create trenches of their own (Ellis 10). This was only the beginning of trench warfare. A war of movement had . End of Life Care - IToday in the 21st century the options for end of life care is innumerable; nursing homes, hospices, outpatient nurses, live-in aides, family support, etc. are just a . Essay about Cottage Life - Original Writing - Cottage Life - Original Writing My children’s mother and my ex-partner Jennifer, was born in at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on March 18th, Almost everyone in her family .

He started reading a face full of pride, but suddenly it dropped and the letter flew out of his hand. A young sixteen lad called Chuckey asked. I fell to my knees in disbelieve and I felt all alone.

He was like a brother I never had. That night I was on duty fixing the wire fences and as I was doing so I layed down a wool bracelet that belonged to jimmy. His mum made it for him but she died 5 years ago.

I did not expect the trauma that would happen the following day. We all started moving except an early 20 lad. But it turned out he was sent to be court-marshalled for cowardice.Losing the War.

Man is a bubble, and all the world is a stormJeremy Taylor, Holy Dying () My father owned a gorgeous porcelain tiger about half the size of a house cat. The Anastasia 's Creative Writing - She abandoned writing during the years of studies in the Moscow State University because, as it was mentioned, she felt frustrated throughout the whole program and had neither inspiration, nor motivation for writing.

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Letter from Trenches Essay Sample. Describe as much as you can about life in the trenches and what you have been through. Don’t forget to describe everyday life, the health and safety problems of the trenches, and the community spirit of the soldiers you enlisted with.

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