How to improve your prose rhythmic writing attention

Having found a pen, with some difficulty I copied them out in a large handwriting on a double sheet of foolscap so that I could read them.

How to improve your prose rhythmic writing attention

That being said, this post will be a long one. Take these two sentences for example. The first sentence is passive; the second sentence is active. A cake was baked by my mother yesterday.

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My mother baked a cake yesterday. Also, you can put "yesterday" at the beginning of the sentence if you wish to emphasize when it happened. The active voice makes it clear who is doing what. Here is an example that highlights this claim: Our results will be checked.

Passive We will check our results. Active The second sentence makes it clear who is checking the results. We are checking the results.

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Active voice also makes your prose more concise. You should use passive voice when the object in the sentence is more important than the subject.

Consider these two sentences: It made me anxious to be next to such odd people. Since it is more important, it should come at the beginning of the sentence.

Topic 2 "Just say said" counterargument The advice that you should only use "said" as a dialogue tag is stupid. But again, know the rules before you break them. Anyway, to disprove the advice that you should only use said, consider these following sentences: They all make for a different scenario.

I also use "asked", "inquired", "repeated", and many other dialogue tags in my own writing. Some people do bring up a good point: I think it depends. In a noble-bright story, the world is flourishing, there is opportunity everywhere, and the protagonist is usually a strong individual that knows how to stand up to their enemies.

how to improve your prose rhythmic writing attention

Think Game of Thrones vs. So what does this have to do with tone? Well, take these paragraphs for example:AFAM Intro to African American Studies This course provides an overview of African American history and culture. Topics include major events, persons, and issues spanning the period from the African heritage to contemporary times.

And yes, I’m a genre author, yet I’m talking about this advanced technique to improve writing craft. In other words, while many think of literary fiction when discussing lyrical writing, genre writing can take advantage of these same techniques. Rhythmic writing is not limited, by any means, to literary fiction.

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how to improve your prose rhythmic writing attention

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