How do you write a book review on amazon

The software is available for anyone with an Amazon account. They also have a great chrome extension you can download here.

How do you write a book review on amazon

When buying the latest products on Amazonreading reviews is an important part of the purchasing process. Customer reviews from customers who have actually purchased and used the product in question can give you more context to the product itself.

Each reviewer rates the product from 1 to 5 stars, and provides a text summary of their experiences and opinions about the product.

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The ratings for each product are averaged together in order to get an overall product rating. The number of reviews on Amazon has grown over the years. But how do people write reviews? What types of ratings do reviewers give?

How many of these reviews are considered helpful? Analyzing the dataset of 1.

how do you write a book review on amazon

More than half of the reviews give a 5-star rating. Aside from perfect reviews, most reviewers give 4-star or 1-star ratings, with very few giving 2-stars or 3-stars relatively. As as result, the statistical average for all review ratings is on the high-end of the scale at about 3.

In fact, the average review rating for newly-written reviews has varied from 3. Another metric used to measure reviews is review helpfulness. This gives an indication of review quality to a prospective buyer. Another consideration is review length. Do reviews frequently write essays, or do reviews typically write a single paragraph?

Assuming that the average amount of characters in a paragraph isreviewers typically write about half a paragraph. Interestingly, reviews are rarely less than a sentence. However, most of those entries represent different SKUs of the same product e. Of those products, only 30, products have pricing information which identify them as the source product.

For the overall rating of a particular product, which is the average rating of all reviews for that product, the ratings are no longer limited to discrete numbers between 1 and 5, and can take decimal values between those numbers as well. The distribution of product ratings is similar to the distribution of review ratings.

Again, the perfect rating of 5 is most popular for products. This distribution resembles the distribution of scores of all reviews for the discrete rating values, but this view reveals local maxima at the midpoint between each discrete value.

The most expensive products have 4-star and 5-star overall ratings, but not 1-star and 2-star ratings. However, the correlation is very weak. Reviewing the Reviewers As you might expect, most people leave only 1 or 2 reviews on Amazon, but some have left hundreds of reviews.

This makes it much easier to get the overall profile of a reviewer. Do repeat Amazon users tend to give 5-star reviews? Distribution of review ratings when averaged across is similar to the other distributions of review ratings.

However, this distribution is less skewed toward 5-stars and is more uniform between 4-stars and 5-stars. What about the average helpfulness of the reviews written by a single reviewer?

If a reviewer has enjoyed Amazon enough such that they make 5 or more reviews, chances are that their reviews are high quality. Again, the data is slightly skewed. Interestingly, a few repeat reviewers have average helpfulness scores of 0. If you plot both average score and average helpfulness in a single chart, the picture becomes much more clear: Another interesting bivariate relationship is the relationship between the helpfulness of a review and the length of a review.

Stereotypically, you might think that longer reviews are more helpful reviews. All the longer reviews have high helpfulness; there are very, very few unhelpful reviews that are also long. Having a 5-star system can allow the prospective customer to make more informed comparisons between two products: Unfortunately, only Amazon has the data that would answer all these questions.For the typical book, I estimate about 1 in 1, book purchasers posts a review at Amazon.

So maybe I’m looking at it wrong: anytime only in 1, people does anything, the question can just as logically be posed as why so few people write reviews.

To see reviews for only one book at a time, hover your mouse over "All Books" above the first review, and select the book you want to see. You can also sort by date and rating using the drop-down menu at the top of the reviews, on the right. Find out how many review copies your publisher is willing to provide, and whether they will do the mailing for you (saving you much time and expense).

Marian McCain says she discusses the review process with her publisher far in advance of a book's publication, in particular how many review . So if you are looking for a (new) publishing home, here are the top 10 things I think every writer should know about Amazon Publishing: 1.

With Amazon Publishing, your books will not be in bookstores. A book review is a real form of writing real writers use to write real things about real books that really matter to them. A book report is a made up form of writing, used only in school, that some teachers ask kids to write in order to prove that they have read a particular book.

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Do you write reviews of products, restaurants, or services that you've tried? Do you read or trust reviews that you've read? Share your thoughts, and your suggestions for better review writing, in.

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