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This site is maintained by Jose Rizal University Bookmark us: El Filibusterismo The word "filibustero" wrote Rizal to his friend, Ferdinand Blumentritt, is very little known in the Philippines. The masses do not know it yet.

El fli

Abandoning his idealism, he becomes a cynical saboteur and agitator, seeking revenge against the Spanish Philippine system responsible for his misfortunes by plotting a revolution. He cynically sides with the upper classes, encouraging them to commit abuses against the masses to encourage the latter to revolt El fli the oppressive Spanish colonial regime.

This time, he does not attempt to fight the authorities through legal and peaceful means, but through violent revolution using the masses. A now grown-up Basilio visits the grave of his mother, Sisa, in a forested land owned by the Ibarra family one evening.

Near the gravesite, Simoun digs for his buried treasures. His identity is discovered by Basilio when the two happen to meet up El fli as the latter leaves Sisa's grave to go home. Simoun spares Basilio's life and tells his story of his past, then asks him to join in his planned revolution against the government, egging him on by bringing up the tragic misfortunes of the latter's family.

Basilio, however, did not show up during the event. Simoun, for his part, keeps in close contact with the bandit group of Kabesang Tales, a former cabeza de barangay who suffered misfortunes at the hands of the friars. Once a farmer owning a prosperous sugarcane plantation, Tales was forced to give everything he had owned to the greedy, unscrupulous Spanish friars and the Church.

Simoun plans to attack during a stage play with all of his enemies in attendance. A heartbroken Simoun abruptly aborts his plan in order to mourn her death. A few years after the mock celebration by the students, the people are agitated when disturbing posters are found displayed around the city.

Basilio, although not present at the mock celebration, is also arrested. Capitan Tiago dies after learning of the incident. But before he dies he signs a will; unknown to him, it was forged by Father Irene.

El fli

Tiago's will originally stated that Basilio should inherit all his property; but due to this forgery his property is given in parts, one to Santa Clara, one for the archbishop, one for the Pope, and one for the religious orders, leaving nothing for Basilio to inherit.

Basilio is left in prison as the other students are released. A high official tries to intervene for the release of Basilio but the Captain-General, bearing grudges against the high official, coerces him to tender his resignation.

El Filibusterismo by José Rizal

Hermana Bali tries to intervene to stop Camorra's immoral act but is outmatched by the friar. Simoun arranges for Basilio's release and manages to get him out of confinement.

He plans to conceal an explosive charge of nitroglycerin inside a pomegranate-styled kerosene lamp that Simoun will give to the newlyweds as a gift during the wedding reception.

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El filibusterismo, also known by its English alternative title The Reign of Greed, is the second novel written by Philippine national hero José Rizal.

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About El Filibusterismo. In the spirit of The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Misérables, a major new translation-José Rizal’s stunning continuation of Noli Me Tangere.

José Rizal was one of the leading champions of Filipino nationalism and independence. His masterpiece, Noli Me Tangere, is widely considered to be the foundational novel of the Philippines.

Jose Rizal [El Filibusterismo]