Child support for custodial mothers and fathers

Legal theory[ edit ] Child support is based on the policy that both parents are obliged to financially support their children, even when the children are not living with both parents. Child support includes the financial support of children and not other forms of support, such as emotional support, intellectual support, physical care, or spiritual support.

Child support for custodial mothers and fathers

Your plan is to help a few very small and harm a majority? Not sure I get the logic. We recognize the fact that there are fathers who do not want to visit their child or have equal parentage.

This site is for the ones that do but are denied. You point out that he does not want to visit more, but I suspect you would not want that as it would lower your support amount.

Child support for custodial mothers and fathers

JES, put you halp away. Like Like Comment by stompkinsnc December 11, Reply I would like to express and interst in this group. I am a mother and I lived in NC for over 23yrs.

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I had to flee NC to my home state of Maryland, so my son and I would be safe from his dad. I filed for custody in MD and had lived here for 16 months. I appeared before her with all my paperwork of abuse and threats from my ex, to me and my son. She ordered me to jail for 48 hrs and changed my primary custody to none.

My family in MD was astonished. They decided to go to the court system here in Talbot County MD.

Fathers: Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico County Child Support Enforcement « NC Fathers Rights

The judge here said that there wasnt enough evidence to support abuse, and denied temp custody of my son to my mom. Now back in NC, My ex informs his lawyer that my family are hiding my son and she keeps me in jail indefinately until my family hands over the child.

My ex admitted to Judge Seaton that he is a pharmaceutical junkie in court about 3 months prior to me being thrown in jail. Now, my ex has my son, MD closed the custody case based on the fact that the child no longer resided in MD, and my son has wrecked a car his dad bought him, been to the pricipals office numerous times, and now has failing grades.

I call him MY son, because I and I alone have had to support this child on one salary… mine. So when someone figures out who has jurisdiction and gives me the name of some great lawyers who are hungry enough to help me with my case, PLEASE keep me and my son in mind.

He is 14, he has ADHD, and Tourette Syndrome and WAS doing great in MD, now he is back to being labeled a bad child in NC… He wants to come home where he is loved and actually wanted… Oh, and since Judge Seaton didnt give me a hearing as to why she kept me over the 48 hrs, I will definately need a good civil rights lawyer… any one want to make a name for themselves… my email is [withheld] Comment by B January 12, Reply Hi B, As a non-custodial family advocate, for both fathers and mothers, normally we would advocate on your behalf.

But, I have to tell you that your comment struck MANY major issues that prevent us from considering your matter. If you have concerns that your son is being abused, then you have three options: Your under court order, your not entitled to leave the State unless a Judge tells you that you can.

How is dear ole dad supposed to be there for him if your taking him to another state? Little did the Judge know that this father has a history of alcoholism and has failed to support three other children that he has fathered.

Those that know the father know that this was the sole intent for him seeking custody. He has never expressed an interest in the welfare of the child. This decision reminds me of slavery because the child was plucked from her mother and forced to live with her father.

The dreams of this academically well rounded student has been shattered by this decision. The child was eligible for early graduation-all because of the efforts of her mother. He pleaded to her mom and his other family members to assist with getting the child to school, Overall this was a bad decision made by a Judge who did not prudently investigate the case.Home › Father's Rights Child Support.

Fathers: Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico County Child Support Enforcement

Father's Rights In Child Support. In Florida, Child support is a legal duty paid by both parents, not just the fathers. Child support is commonly enforced until the child turns 18 years of age. A noncustodial parent or obligor pays child support to a custodial parent or obligee for the care and support of children of a relationship that has been terminated or in cases of out-of-wedlock birth.

the state or grandparent become the obligee and receives child support payments on behalf of the child.

Custodial Mothers and Fathers. I've rarely heard mention of the importance of collecting child support from these non-custodial parents (NCPs). Federal and state efforts include collecting payments from non-custodial mothers because they are NCPs, but there is a dearth of efforts that specifically address them.

The author describes some of the key issues facing these mothers: money and child support, visitation, relations with the father, relations with the child, court involvement, and the impact of the.

Among custodial parents who had agreements for child support, a total of $ billion in child support payments was due in (Grall, ) In , % of all custodial parents received at least one type of non-cash support, such as gifts or coverage of expenses, from the noncustodial parent(s) for their children.

Child support is intended for raising children and custodial fathers are entitled to it just as much as mothers are.

Child support for custodial mothers and fathers

Fathers child support rights are equal to that of a mother. Fathers child support rights are equal to that of a mother.

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