Case study on pregancy pain

When viewed with other browsers, some characters or attributes may not be rendered correctly. Gabbe, MD Presentation A year-old Hispanic-American woman who is in her second pregnancy and has had one live birth and no abortions is seen for prenatal care at 24 weeks gestation. Uterine size is appropriate for gestational age. The patient reports that the child is doing well.

Case study on pregancy pain

Both young people sustained severe injuries. Jack died enroute to the hospital. Janet survives, having escaped injury except to her head; but that was unfortunately massive.

Her physicians now say, a month after the accident, that the prognosis is grim. The best one could hope for—or perhaps the worst—is continuation for some time in a persistent vegetative state. Unlike most young adults, Janet had thought about mortality in advance of this accident.

She is, or was, a nurse. She had gone to continuing education workshops about end of life care and advance care planning. Janet then had completed her own advance directives some months ago, naming Jack as her primary agent and durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions.

She named her parents as secondary agents. Janet also had completed, with notarized signature, a healthcare treatment directive. After consulting her physicians, other family members, and even their priest, a decision is made to stop everything except palliative care.

Plans are made to transfer Janet to a hospice unit in another part of the hospital. It would take place the following day. Probably about nine weeks, it appears. The parents had spent a sleepless night anticipating today. Did the doctor really say that? That there may even need to be surgery for a feeding tube and a tracheostomy while this legal glitch is being discussed and gets clarified?

What should be done now for Janet and her parents, and on what grounds?

Case study on pregancy pain

Do you agree or disagree with this statute, and on what grounds? And why or why not?Teaching Points Teaching Points. In the diagnostic work-up of pregnant patient with suspected PE. A chest radiograph as the first radiation-associated procedure should be performed to find potential mimickers of PE and to facilitate the choice of further imaging.

They both went on to attend different colleges. While Liz enrolled at a college in California, Logelin chose to study his sociology degree at the University of Minnesota.

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