Bershka swot analysis fast fashion bershka

How does Zara's advantage travel globally?

Bershka swot analysis fast fashion bershka

The analysis tool will also help you understand where your brand stands in the larger fashion marketplace. A proper examination of your design house should include your entire business and its presence in different regional markets.

SWOT Preparation The fashion industry is divided into the creative and sales functions, that is, design and production on one side and sales and distribution on the other. Geographically, the fashion industry is divided into three regions: Use SWOT to analyze your brand in terms of all four functions and its presence in each of the three regions.

Examination of Strengths Include as strengths any formulas or policies your company uses that give it an edge in name recognition, brand positioning and bottom-line revenue.

For example, many designers have two avenues of distribution, a couture line and a ready-to-wear line more accessible to buyers with average incomes. This is a strength because it allows the designer's name to reach a larger audience of potential customers and the brand to make more sales.

For example, Giorgio Armani includes high-priced couture and a ready-to-wear line available through Armani Exchange; Issac Mizrahi designs both couture and a ready-to-wear line sold exclusively through retailer Target.

Discussion of Weaknesses Consider as weaknesses any unusual or unnecessary costs, unknown designers or lack of presence in a particular region.

Global Fast Fashion Market Research Report 2017

Consider also everything used to define strengths. A lack of any of the strengths is considered a weakness within SWOT analysis.

For example, if your brand currently caters to a couture only market, it is missing the diversification of two avenues of distribution, a weakness for all but the most established brands — think Chanel.

Identify Opportunities Look at the politics of each region, both in itself and in relation to the U. Watch for the repeal of trade embargoes, a new or newly accessible source of raw materials, such as fabric or thread, or a newly green source of raw materials like sustainable natural fabric fiber.

For example, for years China was inaccessible as a source of labor, supply or export sales due to inter-governmental tension and its attitude toward commerce.

However, recently China has loosened commercial restrictions and has become a more open source for manufacturing, raw materials and the import and export of goods.

This provided an opportunity to access a cheaper labor force, obtained lower price goods and reach an entirely new market. Technological advancements in machinery are also opportunities when the technology makes production or distribution faster or increases its scale, such as machines that cut more garment pieces at a time.

The Secret of Zara’s Success: A Culture of Customer Co-creation | Martin Roll

Prepare for Threats Politics and economies are primary sources of threats to a brand in the fashion industry. Trade embargoes, political unrest in an area of raw material supply and economic downturns that lead to restricted consumer spending are all threats to the accessibility of raw materials, brand exposure and name recognition, distribution and consumer purchasing.

A secondary consideration in the fashion industry is the changing political climate in developing countries where cheap labor is often found.

As consumers develop a greater desire to learn where products are manufactured and under what conditions, manufacturers must consider the blow to company image continued reliance on a cheap labor market would provide.ZARA Fast Fashion _ Introdução A Zara é a principal loja do grupo Inditex, actuando na cadeia retalhista de vestuário.

O grupo Inditex tem como actividade económica principal a produção, comercialização e distribuição de vestuário, calçado e acessórios, focando-se em três segmentos distintos – homem, mulher e criança (“latest fashions for women, men and children”i). Bershka Fast Fashion Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin () Main Business/Business Overview Ranging from the smallest feasible / required data (datasheets, data facts, SWOT analysis, company profiles, etc) to full research reports that help you make decisions, our inventory is updated almost on a daily basis with the.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS. The primary competitors Zara is facing are the companies inside Inditex group: Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, and etc.

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Recto Highway, CSEZ, Angeles City, Pampanga Zara: IT for Fast Fashion (Case Study) Agasang, John Carlo G.

Bershka swot analysis fast fashion bershka

Castro, Audrey G. Cunanan, Elaine M. Espiritu, Gladys Beatriz F. Mallari, Antonio III B. Sapnu, Clarissa T. Vitug, Camille Joie C. February 26, Discussion Outline I. Case Background A. Industry and Company . Nov 24,  · This study categorizes the global Fashion Retailing breakdown data by manufacturers, region, type and application, also analyzes the market status, market share, growth rate, future trends, market drivers, opportunities and challenges, risks and entry barriers, sales channels, distributors and Porters Five Forces Analysis.

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