Analysis of the sacrificial egg

Had I understood then who they were, I wonder if I would have acted differently. All of my life I have wished I knew what they thought of me. It must have been an incredibly funny, poignant experience -- if they had the full range of human feeling available to them in those strange bodies.

Analysis of the sacrificial egg

At the root of the ethics is desire, but a desire marked by the "fault".

The Abyss - Liber XI

Analysis' only promise is austere: The end of the cure is then the purification of desire. Lacan makes three statements: Lacan laudes Oedipus at Colonus who calls down curses before dying, and he associates him with Antigone, walled up alive, who has not given in at all.

Both have rejected the right to live in order to enter the "in-between-two-deaths," - entre-deux-morts - that is immortality. Who is the Father? Here is the terrible Father of the primal horde Freud's Totem and Taboo ; Luther's God with "his eternal hatred against men, a hatred that existed even before the world was born"; the father of the law who, as to Saint Paul, leads to temptation: For sin, finding opportunity in the commandment, seduced me and by it killed me.

It has nothing to do with the object, which is created by words. It is the outside signifier and also the hostile outside signified: It is the center of the unconscious but it is excluded; it is the Real but always represented by an emptiness, the nonthing, l'a chose, the nothing, a hole in the Real from which the Word, the Signifier, creates the world.

It is the place of deadly jouissance sanctioned by the prohibition of incest. It is associated with the mother who represents it by her manifest carnality, and with woman who, idealized in courtly love, speaks the truth: This father is a symbolic Father, he is all the more present for being absent, a Father without a body or the glorious body of signifiers, a father who can only be the object of an act of faith, for: Sublimation is an attempt to confront the Thing: As for disbelief, by rejecting the Thing it makes it reappear in the Real, which is the Lacanian definition of psychosis.

If ethical thought "is at the centre of our work as analysts," then, in the cure, ethics converges from two sides. On the side of the analysand is the problem of guilt and the pathogenic nature of civilised morality. Freud conceives of a basic conflict between the demands of civilised morality and the essentially amoral sexual drives of the patient.

If morality takes the upper hand and the drives are too intense to be sublimated, sexuality is either expressed in perverse forms or repressed. Freud further develops this idea in his theory of an unconscious sense of guilt and in his concept of the superego, that interior moral agency which becomes crueler to the extent that the ego submits to its demands.

The analyst, on the other hand, has to deal with the pathogenic morality and unconscious guilt of the patient and with the ethical problems that arise in the cure.

Analysis of the sacrificial egg

Lacan addresses the issue of how the analyst will respond to the patient's sense of guilt by arguing that he must take it seriously, for whenever the patient feels guilty it is because he has given way to his desire: The ethical position of the analyst is revealed by the way that he formulates the goal of the cure.

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In La relation d'objet Lacan provided a way of understanding the paradoxical function of transference in the analytical cure. In its symbolic aspect (repetition) it helps the cure progress by revealing the signifiers of the subject's history.

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