An introduction to the performance of a christian pop punk band mxpx

SideOneDummy Records By design, punk music, in purest form, has its limits.

An introduction to the performance of a christian pop punk band mxpx

Xsxex [ edit ] Adding a new section If you think there is a new section or subsection missing from the pop punk article please discuss those ideas here. It seems like women are more active in pop punk than in other genres of punk, except of course riot grrrl. I'm not sure it warrants it's own section though.

Also we do need to find a reference for this. What do you think? I think its a decent addition. Could it be included else where in the article, or is it good there? Or should it be re-worded?

I don't know of any other music genre on wikipedia that needs a citation for its definition. This definition seems reasonable, leave it and forget the reference.

List of Christian punk bands - Wikipedia

Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, etc, etc take influence from 90s pop punk groups rather than punk rock itself. While Green Day for example take influence from the Buzzcocks Here's what my response is; while it is true that the majority of the "contemporary pop punk" bands draw much more from mid 90s pop punk, this article is not only about them.

The article is about pop punk and since it is the bands from the early 80s Descendents to Vandals to Weasel to Green Day etc, etc, It is these bands which are basically the bands which can be defined as pop punk, whereas the "Contemporary pop punk" groups are actually combining pop punk with other musical influences, many of which are coming from pop music.

The reason they can be mentioned here is because since they are referencing the original pop punk bands i. One would think that a band which draws from or is a descendent no pun intended of the original pop punk bands would have the potential to be considered, at least, in part as pop punk.

This is actually the case as many of these newer bands are described, in part, as pop punk. Usually their sound is also combined with other musical genres, influences, and styles.

Post responses below right here. Perhaps being more explicit would be better. For example, if what the definition is trying to say is that pop punk bands took the rhythmic drive of original punk just a hypothetical suggestionthen why not say that?

An introduction to the performance of a christian pop punk band mxpx

Wikipedia is supposed to collect together the consensus of experts on the topic, as found in encyclopedias, reference works, etc.

In the case of pop punk, I imagine the experts would be music critics who have written books on pop punk, music historians who have researched the s and s punk and pop punk music scenes, etc.MxPx is a Christian pop-punk band.

Pop punk basically means happy punk. The band members, are Mike Herrera who plays bass and sings, Tom Wisniewski who plays guitar and. Somehow, however, punk-pop band MXPX has changed the rules. All of 13 years after the band formed, 11 years after the Tooth & Nail debut "Pokinatcha," seven years after the A&M crossover "Slowly.

An introduction to the performance of a christian pop punk band mxpx

Get ready to praise and rock at the same time. Here's our ranked list of the best Christian punk bands of all time, as voted on by punk rockers like you.

For outsid. Slick Shoes is a punk band in the same vein of MxPx as they had that west coast sound and fast pop and skate punk feel to them. The band released their last album in , If MxPx were pioneers in Christian punk, Dogwood is the founding fathers.

By the mids artists like dc Talk, Jars of Clay, Bob Carlisle, Kirk Franklin, Fleming and John, Julie Miller, BeBe and CeCe Winans, punk band MxPx, Jon Gibson, and others once mainstays of CCM, had signed with "secular" labels.

This is a list of Christian punk bands, which include all notable Christian bands that fall under the category of punk or one of its subgenres, excluding hardcore genres. Christian hardcore bands are listed on the list of Christian hardcore bands.

MXPX Goes Back to Punk-Pop Beginning on "Panic" - Christian Music