Academic writing style ukulele

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Academic writing style ukulele

academic writing style ukulele

First of all, congratulations on making this momentous decision that will change your music program for years to come! The ukulele is a fantastic learning tool for classroom music but is also perfect for extra-curricular clubs and performing groups.

The fact that it continues to be resurgent in popular culture only enhances its value anywhere in a school music program. And so far, it is still the most affordable instrument that academic writing style ukulele as versatile as it is.

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Here are some steps that have worked for others along the exciting path of starting a ukulele program: What do you envision, and for which students, as a result of having the ukulele in your program? Are there larger, district goals you can help meet with a ukulele program?

academic writing style ukulele

You can teach the ukulele to students of almost any age and ability, but most general education students will be able to pick it up at a good speed in fourth grade or later. Progress is generally slower the younger you go from there. Your goals should shape where, when, and how you implement the program.

Learn to speak ukulele! Teach yourself the basics, take a lesson from a professional if you can, go to meetups and enjoy the friendly and supportive atmosphere. Become familiar with teaching and learning resources There are many ukulele method books, but currently very few specifically designed for the classroom setting.

NAfME is releasing one next year full disclosure: Other kinds of method books can be adapted. Choose a method book that is age-appropriate and includes the notation, concepts, and repertoire you want. You will have to supplement this book with additional literature anyway!

Several major brands sell value packages that include all of these items. Try to work with a local music store for the best deal.

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Aim to supply each student in your largest class with their own ukulele, plus a few extra. If your school cannot pay for the program in full, look into offsetting the cost with fundraising or grant opportunities. Organize your space School-owned ukuleles must be stored so they are protected, easily accessible, and accountable.

If storing in cases, any organized shelving system works fine. Storing outside of cases conserves class time and can be done using u-brackets on the wall or a freestanding rack think: If you assign the same ukulele to each student each week by numbering themstudents take greater responsibility and you can easily account for any misuse or damage.

Plan to seat students in chairs, with music stands—like any other ensemble—and arrange seating so you can get physically near each student to help with hand positions and deter any off-task behavior.

Carefully model and prepare students for the responsibility of their own instrument, including what the procedures will be for retrieving and putting away instruments, knowing when to play and when to stop, and taking proper care of the instrument at all times.RULES AND CONVENTIONS OF ACADEMIC WRITING The details in this hand-out are based on material first developed by Hazel Hall at .

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