A turkey for thanksgiving writing activity for middle school

Then we converted the tally marks into a graph. Make predictions on what will grow and then watch their progress! Some kids will actually think a candy corn tree may grow from the candy corn.

A turkey for thanksgiving writing activity for middle school

Use the holiday excitement building in your home to make writing assignments more exciting as well. These ideas will help get creative juices flowing. Let your student brainstorm others to add to the list. Make these assignments easy and breezy by requiring only a paragraph or two. If you had a pet turkey, what would you name it?

Write a list of things that remind you of Thanksgiving.


Which are your favorites and why? If you could make your own Thanksgiving pie, what would it be? What ingredients would you use? Describe your perfect Thanksgiving Day! Make a list of things you are thankful for. Talk about your favorite Thanksgiving Day foods and why you like them.


For example, use one of the list-building ideas above. Write clues for those items on slips of paper. Put them in a Ziploc baggie. Pull them out during the trip, and see who can guess what the items on your list are from your clues. Topics may be meaningful, exciting, silly and funny. Describe an act of kindness you gave or received.

How did that inspire you to be kinder? What brings you joy? Describe something beautiful you enjoy. Why do you find it meaningful. List 5 things you are good at and 5 things each family member is good at.

What are you thankful for and why? Give your middle schoolers ways to express gratitude during this season. Create a thankful tree and have students hang tags on the tree listing things they are thankful for.

There are many ways to have middle schoolers express simple but meaningful ideas on paper when you use Thanksgiving-themed writing prompts. What prompts have you used with your middle schooler that received the most surprising or enthusiastic response? This article was originally published on our Homeschool Launch Blog.

Do you want more articles on a wide range of topics like discipleship, academics, family, encouragement and general homeschooling? This workshop will equip you with tips and ideas to use with elementary-age children during writing time.

Become a member of Teach Them Diligently for access to more! Sign up for a free 7 day trial and explore the extensive content!I'm sharing 20 Thanksgiving writing prompts with you to not only help your students explore sentiments of gratitude and thanks but to also explore history.

TURKEY, THANKSGIVING, GRATEFUL, FAMILY. Ask it Better Would You Rather Questions for Spring and Easter Free Halloween Activity Ideas Ebook! Winter Break Scavenger . Keep the learning going with even more free Thanksgiving worksheets for math, reading, and writing.

This is the year to make it the best Thanksgiving ever with Thanksgiving freebies to .

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This is a nice homework or center activity during a Thanksgiving unit. Students cut out and label the five parts of a turkey: beak, tail, wing, feet, wattle.

Science. Are you looking for fun reading and creative writing activities to use with your elementary school students during the month of November and for Thanksgiving?. On this page, you will find a variety of reading and creative writing activities to use for Thanksgiving, autumn, and the month of November..

a turkey for thanksgiving writing activity for middle school

You can use the creative ideas that are on this page to help you plan engaging language arts. Look through our resources page on many different vocabulary activities to help build activities to use in the classroom.

for Middle School, Grades 5–8.


Create a Name with Words Icebreaker, The Turkey's Talking Vocabulary Activity, Grades K– Menu for the Perfect Thanksgiving Activity. Bart vs use this large list of spring and april writing prompts to help you create some fun journal writing topics for april for your elementary school students.

Thanksgiving is the seventh episode of The Simpsons second season definitely it has touched my heart.

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